A flabby tummy can be a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle. Childbirth, extreme weight loss and weight fluctuations can also result in a hanging stomach. Making changes to your routine exercise, diet and lifestyle can add up to inches lost and a firmer abdomen. Making healthy food choices as well as working out can create a leaner profile.
Lose Your Pouch
After tremendous weight loss or childbirth, the skin around the tummy area stretches out. This can result in something that looks a great deal like an empty pocket. But stretched skin does not essentially mean you have extra weight to lose. Toning the muscles around the abdomen can help the skin bounce back. The Fit Day work outs website recommends doing legs-up straight arm crunches and air bicycling.







Do legs up arm crunches. This is how to do it: lye flat on your back and lift your legs to a 90-degree angle.Legs up arm crunches

Raise your arms and pull them up towards the ceiling while lifting your shoulders and upper back off the floor.

Begin with three sets of eight repetitions. Do air bicycles from the same floor position.

Bend your knees and lock your fingers behind your neck, touch your right elbow to your left knee.




Perfect Poses Reduce Paunch

Along with abdominal exercises, certain types of yoga poses and stretches can revive your belly-reduction workout routine. For the plank pose, begin with your elbows and knees and place your feet out behind you in a plank position so your body is parallel to the floor. Hold this position for as long as you can and try to increase the amount of time each time you do this exercise. Plank Pose






Cat PoseBegin the cat pose by reaching on your hands and knees.

Arch your back like a cat and inhale deeply, pulling the stomach muscles back toward the spine.

Inhale and exhale for four seconds with this pose.


Burn Belly Burn
One of the most significant places to look when it comes to reducing belly fat is your refrigerator. Knowing which foods pack on belly weight and which foods help burn belly budge is important. Eating more monounsaturated fats like the kinds found in olive oil , nuts and seeds to burn belly fat, and eliminating the fats found in hydrogenated oils, enriched flours and trans fats. Trans fats like the ones found in margarine, crackers, packaged cookies and pasta increase midsection weight gain and can really bring fat to the belly from other parts of the body.

Fat-Busting Cardio

A good cardio workout through walking, jogging, bicycling or elliptical machines helps the body burn more calories. And burning more calories is one of the best ways to fight belly bulge.

Wear Tummy Tuckers

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