Hey gorgeous, yet another reminder of our daily health regimen- the world heart day is on. A lot has changed during the recent years and women have tried changing themselves for better health- synonymous to the better health of their families.

Inner Happiness

From my granny to the little girl roaming around the ateliers of my house, women have become choosy for each bite of edibles and good luck to them. I would love to tell you that despite dieting and workouts there are many things attributing to a better heart health. Your heart needs to be loved not only by your body, but also by your soul.

  • Enhance inner happiness- let your body splurge with blood
  • Flourish your dreams - try achieving what your heart aims
  • Nourish your desires- Try to get the possible things that your heart be lovingly wishes- no one is stopping you!
  • Laugh aloud- Stop being subdued, blast your cheeks, turn it red let your eyes get filled laughing for all those funny moments of your life. It improves your heart beat and the ones near to you.laughing yoga
  • Love- Love, love and love unless your heart has no way but to follow your soul. Yeah, let your heart love, love the nature, love the animals love all human beings you see, love every single pebble you cross upon.
  • Adorn your heart first - Become beautiful from inside.

Shyaway.com wishes you a great heart, soul and mind