Not all styles work for the heavy chested. The more fashionable brands are expanding to include styles of bra for the full or Heavy chested. Initially only core sizes 32A-36DD used to be sold. But now full support bras are making their way into online lingerie stores and retail outlets.

Here are six reasons why only full support bras will work for the heavy chested :

1. Thicker straps

Most of the support of a bra should come from the band. But it is equally important that the straps often need to be made of thicker, sturdier elastic for D+ cup styles.

Thicker Straps

2. Sturdier fabric

Stretch-Lace bras cups are so pretty, comfortable, and delicate-looking, but they just don’t work for larger cup sizes. When materials are sturdier, bras are more supportive. If you really want a stretch lace check if it has a non-stretch mesh or similar thin woven fabric lining that will keep the cup from stretching out as soon as you put it.

Sturdier Fabric

3. Side slings

Slings are those strips of fabric on the inside of a bra that stretch across the bottom outer corners of the cups. They help lift the tissue up and out, and can be the difference between a bra that has decent lift and a bra that is  shockingly comfortable, very supportive, and provides a narrow silhouette.

Side slings

4. Sturdy Underwire

Bras with metal wires instead of plastic ones and thicker wires support the bust.

Sturdy Underwire

5. Projection

Larger breasts have more projection and need more space. Thus bigger sizes need to be designed with cups that fit around all my tissue without cutting in at the top.


6. Special Pattern

Larger breasts on a smaller frame require different shapes for the best support.A specific pattern designed just for a particular size segment fit bodies of women in that size segment, and alter grade rules and pattern shapes work  specifically for them.

Special pattern

They are certain designs that don’t work for larger sizes. So the next time you don’t get the bra you like in your size you know why it can’t be crafted to suit your size.