There are certain things that a lingerie addict should own other than lingerie. It’s not just lingerie that you should invest in but also the accessories that lingerie need. so every owner must also posses other than lingerie.

Here are 5 must-have accessories that every lingerie owner must also possess :

1) Lingerie carry bags

Lingerie carry bagWhen we can spend hundreds of dollars on lingerie, it won’t hurt us to treat them with proper care and store them properly. Buy lingerie bags that can help us carry our lingerie around without causing any damage to them.

For example you can’t just stuff your padded bras in your luggage; you’ll just land up smashing them.

2) Lingerie dryer lines

Dry lines



Lingerie is very delicate. You cannot just toss them in the drier. Instead you need to buy yourself a lingerie drying rack that comes with clips to let your lingerie air dry without damaging them.


3) Lingerie washing bag

Washing bag

We cannot just wash our delicate lingerie in the machine without ruining them. Invest in an inexpensive mesh lingerie washing bag that will protect your lingerie from getting damaged from the movements in the machine.

4) Double sided tape

Double tape



Buy a good quality double sided tape. It comes in handy to hold garters and strapless bras from falling off.



5) Nipple covers

Nipple coversNipple concealers or covers, also known as breast petals are used by women who wish to bare their breasts but conceal their nipples at the same time. They are also used by women who wear thin fabric bras and don’t wish their nipples to stick out through their clothes.

Remember that when you love your lingerie you need to invest in the right accessories to protect them or use them right.