Most of us don’t even consider anything going wrong with the fitting of our underwear.Even someone feel uncomfortable to say out of fitting problem . Most of us just assume a size and use it no matter how it hangs or creeps into our butt.

Here are the 5 problems that women face when it comes to their panties along with the solutions to these problems :



It might not seem a big deal to those who wear thick fabrics. But for those who wear thin and slinky fabrics, it can pose a problem.

Visible Panty Lines are not at all glamorous and can ruin the look of even the sexiest outfit. It does not look nice to see ones panties peeking out from ones bottom.

VPL can occur due to wearing the wrong size panty or the wrong fabric of panties or even due to the finish of the undergarment.

So if you do not want your Panty line to be visible :

  • Wear a panty made of Lycra, thin cotton or Spandex.
  • Wear panties with a seamless finish.
  • Make sure they fit properly and not hang loose and bunch up together.
  • Some people consider thongs to be an option. But for those who do not like exposed butt cheeks, wearing a shorts version of panty is the best, as the ends of the panty move below the butt cheeks making it less visible.


Picking pantyHow many times have we bent over and found our briefs peeking out for the whole world to see?

If you don’t want to make a show of your panty, here’s what you should do :

  • Wear a low rise panty.
  • Low rise bikini style panties are the best option when wearing low rise pants or jeans.
  • Consider wearing panties that has a fitted waist so that it stays put in the position where you want it to stay put.



For those of you who are not familiar with this term, muffin-top is a term used to describe excessive fat hanging out over the waistline, out of the jeans, underwear etc… that resembles the top of a muffin spilling out of its casing.

Muffin-top usually arises when the underwear is too tight, where the panty squeezes the tummy and makes it spill out in the form of flab outside the panty.

To avoid suffering from a muffin-top you should :

  • Select waist bands that are wide and not narrow.
  • Thongs and G-strips that offer no support are a definite ‘No’.
  • Waist band of the panties should never be too tight so as to push the fat upwards.
  • Opt for high-cut styles so as to contain the fat and avoid spillage.


A Wedgie is the situation when the underwear gets lodged in between the butt cheeks. This usually occurs when the panty worn is so loose that there is a lot of excessive fabric that gets lodged in between the bum.

It can even occur when the panty is so tight and doesn’t cover enough of your buttocks.

Here is what you can do to avoid Wedgies :

  • Wear a properly fitted panty that covers the buttocks fully without being too tight and moving in between the cheeks.
  • Wear high-cut styles.
  • Do not wear extremely loose panties that have lot of bunched up material.




When you suffer from sharp pinches or almost cuts and sharp friction on your skin, especially near the grooves in the thighs and groin area it might be a good idea to switch your panties.

If you underwear to fit comfortably without biting your skin and grooves :

  • Go in for high–cut style legs in the underwear.
  • Go in for fully covered leg bands.
  • Go one size higher so that it doesn’t bite your skin.
  • Consider seamless edges in the underwear.

So say goodbye to these panty fitting problems by adopting these solutions and shop best panties with fitting guide from feel happy shopping.