Showing Cleavage is the sexiest way to present yourself on an occasion that demands your tantalizing presence. Great assets are boon, and if you aren’t blessed with some,

here are a few tips to amplify them : 

1. Identify your correct bra

Instead of going for cover up bras, choose something that would reveal more, but giving enough support to lift them up and hold firmly. You can go for Push-up bras for extra support and for tinier boobs, you can very well opt Padded bras.

2. Apply make up

apply makeup

Step one : Put bra before make up

Step two : Apply darker bronzer which is two shades darker than your natural skin colour sweeping a Y shape through natural curvature of your breasts. This gives a contour to the cleavage.

Sweeping in Y shape

Step three : High light the top half of the boobs using white/gold powder, cream or eye shadows.

Hilight the top


Step four : Blend the colors in those areas where two colors meet using makeup sponge. Straighten your posture and carry yourself with confidence. Now your cleavage is all set to steal every one’s attention!

step 4

3. Wear deep neck garment of a color that contracts your skin tone to highlight the cleavage.

deep neck


4. Wear a small, catchy pendant which hangs just above the cleavage.  Or Go for a small, but sexy tattoo on or just above one of your breast to invite attention.