So you’ve just bought a brand new bikini and can’t wait to wear it out to the beach or around the pool. You took the time out to pick the right colour that fits perfectly with your skin tone. You’ve searched through all of the particular cuts and styles that would look great on your body. But, there’s something on a miss. Accessories, of course! You need to accessorize to bring out your unique personality and sense of style to go along with your sexy new bikini.

From your head to your toes there are many accessories you can wear to augment your personal style while strutting around in new bathing suit.

1. Look for nice Hats: Now, surely, when you go out in your hot bikini, let’s assume the sun will be balmy. So, having a head covering will most definitely decrease your chances of getting sunburn on your face. A simple wide-brimmed hat, of any colour that suits you, would suffice to block the sun’s rays from concentrating on your delicate facial area.

Bikini hats

2. Wear Sunglasses: Not only do they obstruct harmful sun rays from damaging your eyes, they are extremely stylish and comfortable to wear in any outdoor setting. They come in a multitude of colours, shapes and sizes that would in all probability add lots of depth and appeal to that special bikini that you picked out just for you.

Bikini sun glasses

3. Consider a Necklace: The finest thing about a necklace is you probably already have the perfect one lying around somewhere in a dresser drawer. Wearing a simple choker or subtle gold piece around your neck adds grace and charm enabling you flourish while wearing your hot new swimwear.

Bikini neclace

4. Wear Hair Clips: Keeping your curls clipped away from your face while outdoors enjoying your new micro bikini will help show off the sexy you. Hair clips come in many different assortments and colours giving you an unlimited range of styles that you can arrange your hair, even keeping your neck dryer and cooler.

Bikini hair clips

5. Put on some small Earrings: Short and simple is the way to go when wearing earrings with your swimming attire. You don’t want to have anything catch and pull while you’re out enjoying the breezy waters. A simple diamond or gold post is the perfect companion to a simple necklace when frolicking around on the fascinating coasts.

Bikini earring


6. Consider your Rings: Wearing one or two rings on your hands probably won’t make the morning news headlines but it will certainly add a sense of artistry that can’t be shorn of.

7. Wear some good bangle Bracelets: Just as in wearing rings, a bracelet enhancement can only add to the already defined criteria that has been established when one picks and chooses the specific and unique accessory that they’re comfy with.

Bikini bangles

8. Wear sexy Sandals: With sandals you can be as original and unique as you could possibly visualize. Flip flops, slides and slip-ons are all part of the sandal family that make bold gait.

Bikini sandals

9. Wear delicate Waist Chains: Waist chains in gold sheen or metal sheen will improve the seductive look of your torso. Wear it if your are play-full in beach, for sunbathing and for nabbing lecherous ogles of men.

Waist chain

10. Anklets: Anklets are for your lower legs. There are anklets which peeps onto you with a glaze and also some that are daring heavy that starts from your shin.


11. Tatoos: The heavy ones, or a dainty depends on your flamboyance. Having one on your chest, waist or the back is an awesome idea that well matches with bikinis.


12. Body Cover ups: Different types of cover –ups like kaftans, sarongs and tunics are for that little hiding when you feel you want some. A petite secret drills for high intrusion, isn’t it?