Women are often compared to flowers. Because they think beauty of a flower equates that of a woman. It otherwise becomes extremely difficult for her. Beautiful girls have always had a leg up in getting things easy, at least to some extent. Sounds harsh, isn’t it?

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Yes, there were occasions when we tried avoiding eye contact with someone who looks different from the normal conscience. There were occasions when we have vehemently tried to throw a second look at an accidentally met strange face on our journey in train or plane. Reasons may differ as that you simply want not to hurt the poor companion or that you don’t want to let yourself down for the strange sight.

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It’s time for all of us to grow up! Grow up from being immature. Grow from assessing someone by their outer looks. Have you ever heard their heart? Have you even tried to? Haven’t you had friends- yes the pretty ones- whom you’d trusted like a soul but left you shredded? Hasn’t any one with an appealing face have left you broken hearted, at least heard of such instances? Yes you have nodded your head! Then yes, you elucidated the sanctity of inner beauty.

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Here are these girls who are making up to one of the world’s largest beauty pageants. Laxmi Agarwal, Adele Bellis who are going to make it big in the London Fashion Week proves the strength of inner beauty again, again and again. It is definitely their inner beauty that is having them crowned.

Maintaining inner beauty is easier, because it doesn’t require costly make ups. Albeit, it necessitates a richer mind!