We women wear bra every day and some how we have no nailed the art or trick of finding the perfectly fitted one. Sometimes even after trying on a bra before we buy it, we land up with the wrong one. The main reason behind buying ill fitted bras is because we do not know how to wear them the right way.

Unless we wear them right there is always the risk of buying the wrongly sized and fitted bra. There is a right way to put on your Bras . Wearing them the wrong way can harm your breasts. So it is not just the fit but even the health of your breasts that can get affected in the bargain.

Most women think that they know all about lingerie but in reality they do not wear their bras correctly! This leads to discomfort and pain in the chest area.

Follow these simple steps to ensure that you’re getting it right !

  1. Put on the bra using the band using the hooks. You can put in on at the back or even put it on in the front and then twist it towards the back.
  2. Lean forward and put the straps onto your shoulders. The straps should not be too loose or tight. You can adjust them accordingly.
  3. The most important step is to fill the cups of the bra with your breasts.
  4. Use your hands and push in your breasts not sparing the fat on the sides of your armpit. The flesh of your breasts should fill out the bra cups and not spill out over the top or on the sides.

Make sure the band is resting at the base of your breast line in a straight line.