Panties are the most intimate wear of a woman’s body. To know more about that pretty piece, here are the details of its anatomy.

Front Coverage: Front Coverage

Front coverage, as the name suggests is the front part of the panties that covers the front part of the groin. It is the body of panties and is usually made using cotton, satin or nylon.


Back CoverageBack Coverage:

Back Coverage covers the rear. Back coverage can be that covers full rear, half rear or of minimal coverage like that of thongs. The major parts of rear coverage are made of the same materials as that of front coverage. But trendy panties welcome innovative ideas like embroidered lace detailing.



Crutch is the part of panties that covers the crotch area of panties. For synthetic panties, a cotton gusset is wedged on the crotch for hygiene purpose. Cotton absorbs the damp and keeps the intimate parts hygienic.

High Waist PantiesWaist Band:

Waist bands are elastic with satin or cotton coverage. They are usually thin but the panties that are like tom boy panties or granny panties have a wider width.


Leg Opening

Leg Openings:

You know it! Usually they come with lace trimmings or embroideries. They are usually soft to avoid rashes and thigh chaffing.

Bows in panties


Bows are usually sewn on the centre of the waist band. They have less functional purpose and are usually meant for beautifying the garment. Most of the panties carry satin bow, but a few will have metal hangings as bow.

Hip designs

Hip designs:

Contemporary panties have regular hips; say that occurs like a continuation of the front coverage that ends up near the back coverage. The modern panties have that hips adorned with metal chains or spaghetti straps across.