No matter whether you are a first time user or a middle aged woman who has that word- the bra- fixed into you like another skin, it is healthy to keep knowing about them, simply because there is much more happening in the world of fashion and lingerie. You know that Bras are those things that support your anatomy it has its own kind of anatomy to specify.

Bra Cups


Cup is the heart of a bra and they come in different sizes and shapes. Cups can be padded and non padded. Padded cups help to enlarge the tiny bust.





Under-wires are the Neck. Like neck, they hold your head in confidence. They support your bust giving an extra lift and comfort.



Strap Elastic

Strap Elastic:

Straps are the back bone. As the back bone, straps help you gifting you a good strut. They are generally plush on one side (the side that goes against your skin), and matte or shiny on the exterior. It comes in various widths, with the standard being 1/2″. Spaghetti straps are wider, the name being attributed to the real spaghetti.



They are more like your limbs- help you open and close a hug around yourself. Bras have two types of closures – front closure and back closure. Back closure bras come in hook and eye closures come in various sizes, with the average being 2×3 hooks. Modern bras that has wider wings even come in 4×4 hooks. The inside of these are plush, so they’re soft against your skin. Front closure usually has a hook in the centre. Nursing bras generally have front closure.

Strap Elastic

Fold Over Elastic:

Hair! Like you cherish your look by fashioning hair and make the outer look pretty, the Fold over satin or nylon help hiding the raw elastic inside. It comes in a million shades of elastic, and if you can apply binding, you can apply fold over elastic.


Band Elastic: Band Elastic

Just as the name suggests, it goes around the band, or lower edge of the bra. One side is seldom soft and plush and it often has a decorative edge. Band elastic comes as narrow as 1/4″, and up to 1″ wide. The preferred is 1/2″, or 3/4″ for larger bust sizes.


Rings and Sliders

Rings and Sliders:

Your nails hold things intact and that is what the rings and sliders do. Rings and sliders come in silver, gold or in raw sheen. They come in a different of colours and sizes. Rings and sliders that come in metal offer better durability than the plastic ones.

Like you beautify your looks, there are accessories to support, to uphold your bust. As are your outfits to your anatomy, there are Bra Accessories viz, Bra Bags, Laundry Bags, Bra Strap Extender, Adhesive Padded Bras, Bra Strap Clips, Nipple covers etc.