Nursing  baby is one of the most natural things known to mankind. In this modern day an age it might seem like a bit of a hassle but trust me when I say that it’s well worth any pains, Because you actually gain more from it than you know.

The best nutrition for your baby is your breast milk and it makes them more resistant to disease and infection.We normally hear of only the benefits that breastfeeding have on babies. What we don’t hear of are the benefits that we as women can reap while feeding our little one.

Here are 8 reasons that should give you extra motivation to feed your baby :

1) Costs less

Costs less You cannot even imagine the amount of money that families shell out on their baby’s formula feed. Breastfeeding costs next to nothing even if you take in the extra nutritious food to be given to the feeding mother.

2) Reduces the risk of developing osteoporosis




When a woman is lactating her body has the ability to absorb more calcium. Thus women who breastfeed their baby have reduced their chances of developing osteoporosis.


3) Lower risk of developing breast, ovarian and uterine cancer

Estrogen levels are low during lactation due to which the uterus lining or breast tissue do not get disturbed by cancerous tissues thereby reducing your risk of developing cancer.

4) Aids postpartum weight loss

Weight lossJust image if you could lose 400 calories a day without having to do much! Well breastfeeding does just that. Every ouch of milk that you give your baby makes you to lose 20 calories. So you do the rest of the math and see how much you can lose in a day just by breastfeeding.

5) Encourages positive emotional health




Studies have shown that breastfeeding reduces the anxiety and depression that usually kicks in postpartum. The act is said to relax the mind and leave the mother in a peaceful state.


6) Quicker healing post delivery

Effective birth controlWhen you feed your baby it is said that the uterus contracts more quickly due to the oxytocin released when you nurse your baby.

7) Delayed menstruation

Breastfeeding delays ovulation which means delay in menstruation. The level of Prolactin in the body plays an important role in ovulation. The moment Prolactin levels drop, estrogen and progesterone kick and cause ovulation, eventually leading to your monthly periods.

8) Effective birth control

Breastfeeding can act as birth control (up to 99%) provided the mother hasn’t got her period yet and feeds her baby every 4 hours without using formula.

So pick up a Nursing bra and nurse  you way to good health!