When your wedding is round the corner do not just concentrate only on the pieces of lingerie that you will wear on the ‘D-day’. Do not forget your honeymoon and that is the time to pull out the big guns.

A newly wed should look her best, paying attention to the minute details. It can be a little confusing to pack lingerie for your honeymoon. Should you go pick something classy, naughty or even exotic? Well, you need to have a variety, more like sets of assorted lingerie, to be ready for every situation and mood.

Of course never forget the underlying purpose which is to please and tease your man.Keep things sexy but do not forget to pack in a few practical pieces.

Here is a list of 7 ‘must-have’ lingerie pieces for modern day brides :

1. Sexy night wear


Leave the comfy shorts and tees at home no matter how comfortable you want to be. It is the time to get sexy in bed. Opt for sexy and sensual fabrics such as satin, lace and rayon. You must have a few naughty pieces to seduce your man. So slip into a Negligee or Babydoll  just before you head to the bedroom.

2. Stick-on or adhesive bras

Stick on -adhesive bra


On your honeymoon you are sure to pack outfits that reveal a lot of skin. Here visible straps, seams or bust lift can pose a problem and spoil your look.

So be sure to buy silicone bra that supports your bust and almost becomes invisible.


3. Role Play Costumes

Role play

As crazy as it sounds, you need to add some excitement and make your first nights together memorable. This of course is only possible if you get to know your guy well before the wedding.

So surprise him with a costume that you think might excite him and add some fun to your time in the bed.

4. Push-Up and Plunge Bras

Push & plunge bra



You would have packed a few dresses and deep necked blouses. Give your ladies a good boost with push-up bras and let your dresses and blouses flatter your figure completely.


5. Something slinky, black and sexy

Slinky black

Nothing gets you more in the mood that sheer lacy black lingerie. The best part is that black flatters most figures, especially if you have some fat to hide. Matching sets make your job easier.

6. Something frilly and white

Frilly and white



Become an angelic vision in white baby-doll by donning a pair of matching white panties and bras in the fabric of your choice.



7. Something red and smoking hot

Red and smoking heart Honeymoon babydoll

There is something about this color that brings out the devil in you and reveals your naughty red baby-doll side.

8. Shapewear

When you dress yourself for a night out on your honeymoon, the last thing you want is bumps and lumps ruining your silhouette. Pack shapewear to hide all your problem areas so that you can step out in style and make heads turn.

Do not rely only on what you read, follow your instincts as well. Consider your partners taste and sensibilities, along with the practicality of the garments.

So once you’re done with your trousseau shopping, it’s time to keep some time aside to shop for sexy intimates that will be useful in the busy nights ahead. Lingerie makes you feel sexy, and the sexier you feel the sexier and more adventurous you will be in the bedroom.

Shopping for these intimates can be a bit intimidating for the bride-to-be, so shopping for them online is the best solution for every style and size. Sexy lingerie can really make your honeymoon sizzle. Visit www.shyaway.com to buy the perfect lingerie .