Wearing a tight bra is harmful for one’s health. Women are of the wrong impression that tighter is better, especially to hold ones bust in. But the fact is that tight bras restrict the blood circulation and can also impair the lymph tissues by delivering less oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

These lymphatic muscles are sensitive to pressure and wearing a tight  restricts the lymph flow causing toxins to get stores in your breasts casing cancers and other health complications.Always wear a well fitted bras  that is not tight.

Here are a few ways to detect a tight bra :

1. Underwire pokes you

Increasing a cup and band size will prevent your underwire from poking you and causing pain.

Under wire pokes

2. You have back bulge

You might have bra fat. But sometimes you might be wearing a size that is too small and band squeezes the skin to resemble bra fat. Buy a bra with a bigger band size.

back bulge

3. The center of bra lifts off the chest

When band or cup size is too small the band will refuse to sit on your rib cage. Go up a size. If you can lift your arms without a gap forming then you have the right size.

4. You have dents on your shoulders

When your shoulder bands are supporting the weight of your bust you will suffer from dents in the shoulders. You can either extend the shoulder strap or buy that is a size bigger.

dents on your shoulders

5. Boob spilling out

When your bra doesn’t provide the support or coverage and the breast tissue is spilling out you might need a bigger band and cup size.

Boobs spilling out

6. Back band going up

If the band size is too small then the front cups will be bearing the weight of the breasts. Your band needs to be parallel to the ground.

7. Easy breathing

This might seem silly but a lot of women do wear so tight that they can’t breathe in comfort without their ribs being constricted. Let me again tell you that this is hazardous for your health. You need to have at least two fingers space between the skin and the bra.