Let’s all be honest. We all have our fair share of problems when it comes to lingerie fitting. We all look for shortcuts or easy ways out to solve our problems.

Here are few tried and tested hacks that will make our lives easier :

1. Strapless bra slipping down

Sometimes the bra just doesn’t hold on to you and keeps slipping down. In such cases you need to add more structure. You can do this by wrapping the removable straps around the circumference of the band starting from one end and then wrapping yourself till you feel it tight at the rib cage.


2. Poking underwire

Having an underwire poke you is painful and even dangerous. The quick fix solution to this is moleskin – the one side sticky and one side fuzzy solution. Push the underwire back and stick the piece of moleskin on top to cover the hole.


3. Tight leg openings or waist

Sometimes there is underwear which fit right at the waist but is tight at the leg openings or vice versa. In such cases you can stretch or crack the stitches to fit your legs. You can even pull out the elastic and stretch it and re-sew it back in place.


4. Racer back look alike

Racer backs are hard to find and even if found are quiet pricey. So I you have an outfit that calls for a racer back styled bra, you can simple gather the straps at the back and hold it together in an ‘X’ shape with a paper clip or safety clip. Of course this is not a permanent solution as you have to keep removing it when you pull on or remove your lingerie.

racer back

5. Stocking runs

When you spot a hole it is always best you fill the hole with clear nail polish and allow it to dry so that it doesn’t result in a long run. But if you do suffer from stocking runs simply hold the tears fibers together and spray hairspray all over the tear. When dry, the spray holds the torn fibers in place. When washed, the run will again appear so this is only a temporary solution.


6. Discolored shoulder straps

Before the bras get old or even become out of shape, it is often the straps that become dirty and gives an unfavorable impression when viewed by others. You can stick on a lace trim of the similar color so that the soiled straps are covered using fabric glue or even hand stitch it on. You can even dye the bra straps to a darker shade with a home dye kit so that you can give your bra a  new look.


7. Tight waistband

Get a bra extender and extend the waistband of your bra so that it fits well and does not dig into your ribs.

Do try these hacks when you face any of these lingerie problems.