Every generation calls for change in fashion and rules as to how we dress ourselves. We are constantly looking for ways to revamp our existing looks. Over the years the way the bra is crafted has undergone drastic changes. We might not like change but it experimenting with our intimates can be exciting and you might get to sport a new look lingerie.

Here are some new age fashion rules about lingerie that might seem quirky but is the latest way to carry off lingerie :

1. Wear a sexy bra under a transparent top

Showing off bras is not only about showing off your straps. You can even show them off by wearing a sheer top. Make sure that the top is loose and flowy and you pair them with high waist trousers. It is all about creating the right  balance in exposure.

Transparent Top

2. Sport bras can be carried off as a crop top

Nowadays sports bras are not just worn in the gym. They have a chill vibe to it especially when paired with a palazzo or high waist skirts.

Sports Bra

3. Brief are making a comeback as thongs exit

Thongs can be uncomfortable though they save us from unwanted panty line while wearing different outfits. Brief are making a comeback due to the fact that thongs dig into our skin, cause wedgies and even create bumps and lumps. The best and most comfortable solution today to beat panty lines is to wear seamless briefs.

Brief panties

4. Slips are the new trend

There was a phase when no one wanted to slip into these things called slips that used to be worn by our grannies in the past. They are perfect as they add an additional layer underneath unlined or sheer frocks and smooth out the lines of static-inducing or clingy dresses. And if you wear a clingier one, it can help hold you in.


5. Wear double bras to look cool

Wearing two bras and panties does sound a bit weird. But you will look stylish if you manage to coordinate the colors and layering with the right fabrics. It will look sexy if you can wear a sheer bra or bralette over a thick basic bra under a blazer.

Double Bras-gif

6. Wear a body suit

You need not have a perfect figure to wear a bodysuit. You can carry it off as a top by layering it with high pants or skirts. They are very flattering; however it is important that you wear one with the right fit. They key to getting the right size again lies in getting one of the right length so that it doesn’t stretch and look tight.

body suit

7. Shapewear can be seen too

Not everyone is born with the perfect figure. There i no need to be shy and hide your Shapewear. Wear a black, full-body, figure-hugging shapewear piece and a really simple, classic bra with a molded cup and show it off in style. It will  give you the attitude and confidence to carry your clothes even better.


So don’t be shy to experiment these new lingerie fashion tips and carry yourself with more confidence and a refurbished sexy attitude.