Unless you are made of porcelain all women suffer from this problem of getting their thighs chafed in the hot summer months when we sweat profusely.This red rash appears when our thighs rub against each other when we sweat and eventually results in chafing. This of course usually occurs when we wear skirts and dresses.

Here are a few ways to fix and protect your thighs this summer :

1) Antiperspirant

This is a magic product that prevents you from getting chafing thighs. Spray on the antiperspirant on your thighs and areas under where you sweat. What the antiperspirant actually does is that it prevents your thighs from sweating thus preventing the rash caused by friction and sweat. Do not forget to reapply as the product wears off during the day.


2) Anti-chafe balm or gel

You can use pain old Vaseline or get any other anti-chafe gel or balm to prevent the rash that comes in between your thighs and puts you in pain.

3) Bandelettes

This is a new addition to the lingerie collections. They are basically bands that are worn like socks on the thighs. They prevent your thighs from rubbing against each other. The best part is that you can adjust them as high as you want and not worry about them falling off.


4) Boxer briefs

These are super convenient as you have to wear only one undergarment to save your thighs. They were originally made for men but now even women wear these undershorts to live in

Boxer Brief

5) Undergarment shorts

You can opt for the Shapewear variety or the regular shorts variety. These shorts prevent your thighs from rubbing against each other. That’s not all they also help in keeping your undies away from prying eyes and prevent a Marylyn Monroe moment.


6) Talcum powder

This is the old fashioned yet effective method to cure and get rid of chaffed thighs. It works best when you have nothing on underneath. Simply sprinkle some on your thighs and you’re ready to go.

Talcum Powder

Try these solutions instead of skipping the skirts and dresses this summer.