Women wear bras for the sole purpose of properly  supporting their breasts. A bra is the closest thing to you and your skin. It becomes your companion for life from the moment you slip it on in your teens.

Here are some rules that every woman should know about her bra and it’s fitting so that she get the most out of these special intimates :

1) The band of the Bra should hold or support 90% of the weight of the breasts. If the band does not support this percentage of weight it puts unnecessary strain and pressure on the shoulder straps.

2) Center band and wires should lie flat on the chest, even in the base separating the breasts.

3) The bras band should be parallel in the front and the back.

4) The bras band should not shift from its place when the arms are raised or moved.

5) Breast tissue should fill the cups completely without coming out over the top or the sides.

6) The center of the breast should be positioned midway between the shoulder and the elbow.

Measure yourself before you buy always. Your old measurements might not hold good till date. Choosing the Right bra is not an easy task, but if you keep these simple rules in mind before you shop, you are less likely to buy an ill fitted one.