What was initially constructed to be worn inside is now commonly worn to be shown off on the outside. Women nowadays buy fancy bras that are crafted especially to be seen by all.

Carrying off the look with a Visible bra is not as easy as we imagine. One, you need to have the guts and second, you need to know how to pass off the look in a cool and sexy manner, without making it look vulgar.

Here are some formulas that will help you carry off the visible bra look :

1. Plunging Back + Printed Bra

This is a fun and easy look to carry off. Simply wear a top that has a Plunging neckline at the back and wear a bra with an interesting print. You can choose between prints that range from stripes, polka dots, animal prints and much more.


2. Sheer Top + Full Coverage Sports Bra

You can look cool and stylish with a visible bra. A netted or crochet blouse over a Sports bra is a look that exudes style and confidence.

Sheer Top+ Sports bra


3. Muscle Tee + Bandeau Bra

A Muscle tee is basically a t-shirt with large arm holes that allows people to see your bra. You can spice things and make it interesting by flashing bright colored bras, especially in neon shades to alert the fashion police.

muscle tee

4. Low Neckline + Lace Bra

Revealing your ultra-sexy lace trimmed and scalloped bras under a low scooped neck blouse will give you the look that will set all the hearts around you to flutter.

low neck line

5. Racer Back Top + Racer style bra

Coordinate your Racer back styled top with a Racer back styled bra in matching or coordinated colors. Make sure they aren’t exactly the same but with slight variation of similar tone. Make the co-ordination look intentional.

Racer Back

Understand these formulas so that you can make your bras shine through or under your tops.