When we think of adding to the oomph factor or sex appeal, we automatically think of showing off a little cleavage.There are few tips to look sexy without showing off your cleavage also.

But is it really necessary? Men often associate sexiness and femininity with a woman’s cleavage. If you are a woman who hates exposing her bust and still wants to look sexy there is no reason to fret as you can look sexy and sensual without having to expose your cleavage.

Here are a few options that could be the perfect solution for you :

1. Body-Con Dress

body con dressA body con dress is one that sticks to the body and reveals a woman’s figure without her having to expose her skin. It accentuates her curves and celebrates femininity.

You can go in for classic colors like black, red and beige. But if you want something fun then you can get them in prints that appeal to you. A body-con dress will help you stay covered yet highly sexy.

2. Peak of the midriff

Peak of the midriff


Why does everything think only of the skin above the bust line? Exposing the midriff, even if it’s just an inch or two will make you stand out as incredibly sexy and stylish. So draw attention away from your chest with a flash of your midriff.



3. Skater dress

Skater dressA skater dress is one this caves in or pinches in at the natural waistline and flares out at the bottom.

It again highlights your curves by defining your natural waistline and makes you look stylish instantly and select your Bra matching to your skater dress you select and wore , it will give more sexy with your skater dress.

4. Show off some leg

Show off some leg



Let your legs do the talking. You can either show off your chest or your legs. For those of you who don’t want to show off their chest then wearing a pair of stilettos or high heels would do the trick of looking tastefully sexy.


5. Show off your shoulder

Show off your shoulderYou can look sexy by exposing your shoulder and not having to expose your chest. There is something sensual about exposing your collarbone and shoulders that makes you feel your sexiest.

Looking sexy is all about feeling it too. Carry yourself with confidence because your looks are based on how you feel.