The New Year is when we all make resolutions to make ourselves better. And 80% of the people make resolutions with regard to healthy eating and exercise. To stick to these resolutions you should be motivated enough to want to work out and keep fit. A sports bra will make its way into the must-have list for women who have made the resolution to workout. The constant struggle to keep visiting the gym is always there but there is a way to kick up the motivation.

Here are few stylish and comfortable sports bras to invest in, that will actually make you go :

sports bra 1

1. This sexy racer back styled sports bra from Lovable will definitely want to head to the gym. It not only looks pretty and sporty, but it was also give you the right support for vigorous exercises and ensure your bust doesn’t bounce as you move.

sexy racer back



2. If you’re looking for comfort and easy movement while working out then this seamless sports bras is ideal for medium impact physical activities. The moisture winking fabric looks attractive and keeps you dry in style.

sports bra 3


3. You need to look and feel good from inside if you want to do something good for yourself. This colorful bright magenta cross-back color bra from shyle will just lift your mood and spirits and make you want to get outdoors and get fit.

It gives a sporty look with sexy racer back neck bra, along with the perfect coverage and support for free movement of the body.

sports bra 4


4. This classic sports bras cut will serve the purpose of comfort needed during exercise. It holds your breasts while exercising without hindering movement. The super smooth fabric will feel luxurious against your skin and is just the right bra to kick start your day.

sports bra 5


5. Jockey is a brand trusted all across the globe for basic everyday cotton lingerie. This jockey sports bras will fit you perfectly giving you superior comfort and stretch. Look chic with jockey sportswear that is motivation enough to stay fit.


These were the few sports bra type in which you look more trendy and feel comfort from this year . Do shopping in and enjoy this year. Happy shopping!