There is a lot of information about wearing bras while sleeping and of how it harms one’s health. Of course some of them that are doing the rounds such as wearing a Bra to bed makes it perkier or that it causes cancer are not true.

Many women are skeptical about removing their bras when sleeping as they feel undressed not wearing it. However there are certain problems that come when you sleep in a bra if it is not fitted right, especially the tight ones. It is better to be safer than sorry by pulling off your bra in the night irrespective of whether you know it fits well or not.

Here are a few reasons why you should pull it off before pulling on the covers at night :

1. Skin Irritation

A bra can irritate the skin in several ways. The hooks and other clasps on it, the embellishments, support wire etc… can rub against your skin and irritate it when you lie down. Underwire can specially cause lesions and even cysts if kept on for too long can cause a lot of pain and irritation to the skin.

2. Disturbs Sleep

The skin irritations, lack of circulation and even fitting can affect the quality of your sleep and give you restless sleep, where you toss and turn without a goodnight’s sleep.

Disturb sleep

3. Poor Blood Circulation

When you wear tight or restricting undergarments it can affect the circulation of blood in your nerves, especially in the area of your pectoral muscles. If such bras are worn for too long they can affect your sleep patterns and hurt your breast tissue.

4. Breast Fungus

Breast fungus usually develops in a warm and moist atmosphere. So when you wear a constricting bra in the night, especially in the hot and humid climate, the sweat and heat encourages the growth of fungus on your breasts. So remove your bra at night so that you can reduce the chances of developing fungus in the bust .

Breast fungus

5. Pigmentation

When the Bra straps of a bra are too tight it causes discoloration of the area which it restricts. Such constant contact with the skin darkens the particular area.


Most of the reasons that cause problems while wearing bras at night are caused in the assumption that a woman wears ill-fitting or tight bras. It is always safer to leave your bras off so as to let your skin breathe and let you be healthy.