You must be wondering what on earth are lingerie resolutions.Though we wear lingerie everyday it is the last part of our wardrobe that we give importance. The New Year calls for a fresh start. You need to make sure that the pieces you own make you feel wonderful both on the inside and the outside. Say hello to the sexier new you with these New Year lingerie resolutions that aren’t very hard to follow :

1) De-clutter your lingerie wardrobe

declutterIt’s time to make space in your lingerie wardrobe for lingerie that actually fits and what you actually use. You shouldn’t be surprised to see a woman’s lingerie drawer all messed up with all the pieces of lingerie mixed up and in a haphazard manner.

Pull out all the pieces that you don’t use. That will clear half the mess. So say goodbye to all that old clutter so that you can make space for new usable pieces.

2) Donate the less used




If you are not using something let others benefit. When you give away your barely used lingerie to the less fortunate you earn the blessings of those who really need it.


3) Take better care of your bras

take careTry to take good care of your bras as much as possible as they are the ones that give you support day in and day out. Try not to toss them in the machine.

Instead hand wash them and allow them to air-dry when done. You get to extend the life of your bra that way. Use mild detergents so as not to ruin the fabric. Store them by laying them flat or strong them in organizers or bra and lingerie Bra bags .

4) Wear what fits

wear lingeir wat fits


This is of course the most crucial thing when it comes to lingerie. It has to fit right. Give away all the bras that don’t fit you.

You are wearing them for the support and if it doesn’t give you that then there is no point in wearing it. Get fitted if you can’t figure out how to get the perfect size and fit.


5) Try something new

All of us generally stick to particular styles and colors. Get out of the rut and try new colors and styles. Do not be scared to experiment. They are hidden, away from prying eyes. You can dress in the style that you want without others being judgmental.

If all you wear everyday are basic T-shirt bras you can try other cuts and styles like demi cut or even a push up bra. So make this the year where you wear only what you love. Bring out your own sense of style in confidence.