When you want to wear white tops; especially sheer whites , there begins the worry about what to wear underneath. You might want to make them totally disappear or you might even take the bold approach .

you can also wear a totally contrast color, bold prints or lace so that it highlights your sexy intimates.

Whichever is your style, here are 5 great bras that are best worn under white tops :

1) If you want your inner-wear to disappear – Nude

Inner-wear to disappear – Nude

If you prefer to keep your inner-wear hidden then the best way to go about that would be by wearing skin or nude colored inner garments. The closer the fabric color is to the skin the better it is in terms of invisibility.

Here are a few options to help you achieve this look :

nude adhesive bra         nude t-shirt molded bra

Adhesive bra   Molded bra

2) If you like to wear the same color – White

Another obvious choice is to wear a bra of the same color, that is, white. But since white is so easily seen under white clothing one has to take great care while choosing the perfect white bra to wear under such outfits.

White tops does highlight the bra under white so you should choose something sexy or classy.

Here are a few options to help you get this look :

padded white bra            white pushup bra

Padded bra  White push-up bra

3) Bold Colors

Bold colors

If you are brave and think of your bra as a layering to your outfit then you might want to wear a contrast colored bra. You can wear them in the color of your choice, where the most popular colors include red, pink, neon and other bright and bold shades.

Here are a few bold colored bras for you to consider :

 red push-up bra                 pink padded bra

Red push-up bra Padded bra

4) Prints


Now you really need to be bold and daring to carry off this look, where you wear printed bras under white outfits. Prints add a fun element to the outfit.

Here are a few options for you to try out :

blue and white push up bra    Floral printed everyday bra

Push-up bra        Printed bra

5) Lace it up

lace it up

Lace is something that is sensual and sexy and is sure to draw a lot of attention. If you are seeking to feel confident, beautiful and sexy then consider wearing sheer and lace bras that are both discreet and playful at the same time.

Here are a few lace bras for you :

  blue seamless bra               Pink balconette bra

Seamless bra  Balconette bra

Whichever bra you choose to wear under your white shirt or dress, wear it with confidence, as this topic is highly debated and there are options for all kinds of women.