The right bra styles are more important that you realize.The bra that you wear determines the support, shape and posture. Buying a bra for the less endowed is hard . So as we need to select the right bra that accentuate and show our natural curves.

It goes without saying that you need to get the right measurements to buy the right Bra that supports you the right way.

Here are 5 bra styles that will give your curves a boost as compared to the other styles :


Padded braThis is a bra that gives the impression of having a fuller bust. The padded cups give a nice shape to your bust and support too. The padding comes in the form of foam, silicone or even water.


Triangle bra



This is a basic Every-day bra that can be used by women with small breasts. It is not wired and comes with just the right amount of coverage. This light and comfortable bra is a ‘must-have’ in your lingerie drawer.



Bralette braThis is a feel good and pretty feminine style that are ideal for the small chested. They are crafted in luxurious fabric and lace and colors. They don’t offer any support due to which only women with small breasts can wear them. They are now worn as outer garment being paired or layered with jackets and shrugs.




This is a sexy little number among other bras. It offers little or almost no coverage to your breasts. It does give a lift and pushes your breasts up resulting in a sexy cleavage. They come with wide shoulder Straps bra  that give it a sexy little edge as the support usually comes from an underwire.




Push-up braThis is the bra to turn to when you want to add that sex appeal or a boost to your breasts. Push up bras will define your breasts and as the name suggests literally push them up.

These bras make you feel sexy and desirable to the opposite sex. Even if no one gets to see these beauties, think of the support and shape you give your less endowed chest.