It’s crazy to imagine someone disliking leggings. Leggings offers long lasting benefits that makes it difficult for any woman to turn face against it. Leggings pamper you with awesome health benefits while supporting you with fashion and style.

Benefits of leggings include :


One of the most obvious benefits of opting for tights over shorts or even sweatpants is the warmth they offer during the colder months. While it’s true that you need extra warmth for winter running, you also don’t want to be weighted down or get too hot during your run. Tights offer extra warmth from the length and, if constructed from a performance fabric, can help wick sweat away from skin so you stay warm — but not too warm — to continue training through temperatures under 40 degrees Fahrenheit, suggests The Competitive Runner.


Even if it’s not too cold out, running tights can pull double duty by protecting the skin on your legs from the elements. Whether it’s the hot sun or whipping wind, an extra layer on your legs gives you more protection. Because avid runners hit the pavement no matter what the weather, tights are an ideal way to protect skin without having to compromise on gear


Running tights made from compression fabrics fit like a second skin on your legs, giving you extra support and increasing circulation to the legs. Increased circulation is especially important for long-distance runners. A French study by Bringard, Perrey and Belluye and published in a 2006 issue of the “International Journal of Sports Medicine” found that wearing compression tights enhanced overall circulation to the legs and therefore decreased energy expenditure at prolonged speeds. Wearing compression running tights could help stave off tired runner’s legs when you have longer runs or races planned, potentially giving you an extra edge.


Comfort : Leggings are super comfier. They protect us from any chaffing in the thighs. Leggings clear any disturbances in between the legs. This makes you walk, run, jump, twist or turn your legs with damn ease. No matter who you are, a sports person, a college goer, an entrepreneur or a house wife, this garments help you ease your movements.

Shaping your legs : Leggings shape your legs in a natural manner. It draws your silhouette in a curvy rhythm that adds beauty to your figure. It may be sometimes told that the leggings make apparent your camel legs. But this dilemma can be overcome to some extend by mixing it with Indian wears. Leggings for Indian wears show the part of your leg below the knee which hides the camel legs to a certain extent.

Shaping legs

Resistance : While the wind resistance form a pair of running shorts is likely minimal, running tights can decrease the drag you could experience from wearing gear with more fabric. In his book “The Rough Guide to Running,” Lloyd Bradley notes that tights can help reduce wind resistance and are often contoured so that your clothes never affect your overall stride. When you’re focused on time and performance, every little bit helps, so it could be worth test-driving a pair of running tights to see if you notice a difference.

Leggings health benefit : Compression leggings are a type of leggings that reduce joint pain and muscle cramps. They can even be used for Varicose vein treatment. Though the leggings trend changes in a rapid manner the basic benefits remain the same. There are some brands like Twin birds which keeps eye on the latest varying trends in the fashion industry and modifying their product, the leggings in a stylish manner, keeping up the quality in high standards. Twin Bird is one among the top legging brands in India mastering in different Styles of Leg wears that match the international standards.