The most annoying thing women have to tolerate of their bras is the part where their bra straps peep put of their clothing.No matter how hard we try these traps just keep popping out at us at the wrong places.

1) Affix the bra straps to the outfit

 Bra strapsIf the outfit has thick enough shoulder bands then the wisest thing to do would be to attach the bra straps to the shoulder of the outfit.

You can do this by :

– Double sided fashion duct tape

– Safety pins

– Lingerie snaps

The ideal method would be the lingerie snaps where a snap is attached to the inside of the garment to hold the strap in place.

2) Matching or clear straps

Clear straps



This of course does not make the straps disappear but it does conceal them and makes them barely noticeable. They kind of blend into the garment or appear to be part of the garment. You can even wear a Racer back style if the outfit calls for that style.


3) The No-fail solution – Strapless or adhesive bras

Strapless or adhesive brasSome outfits will not relent to wearing bras with any kind of straps. Those outfits require bras without any straps so that the look of the outfit does not get destroyed. You can opt for bandeau bras , strapless bras , convertible bras or even adhesive bras in such cases.



These tricks will help you minimize or eliminate visible bra straps under any outfit that you choose to wear.