Buying a nursing bra is as confusing as choosing between different flavors of ice cream. Not only does the fit and comfort matter, but even the fact that it should be easy to open/close up. when your baby demands her feed is equally important.

Here is all the information you wanted to know about nursing bras :

1. Question : Do I need a nursing bra?

do i need itAnswer : When you are pregnant or are nursing your breasts grow heavier and become more sensitive. Regular bras cannot provide the support that your breasts need when you nurse your baby.

Maternity bras allow your breasts to accommodate themselves as they keep changing in size and provide you with the necessary comfort and support, reducing any strain that can be caused on the chest muscles.

So unless you want to suffer from strain or poorly supported breasts, nursing bras are a must have for every new mom.

2. Question : When should I buy a nursing bra?

when shld i buy

Answer : There is no ideal time to buy a maternity or nursing bra.

Every pregnancy is different and everyone’s body changes different.

For some women the breasts enlarge only in the final months of pregnancy, while for others it starts growing larger from the moment the baby is conceived.

Ideally it is best to buy the nursing bra a few weeks before the due date.

3. Question : How should the fitting of the nursing bra be?

how shld be fittingAnswer : Here are the factors that you should look into with regard to the fitting :

– When you buy your bra make sure it fits on the last hook. The reason you are buying it like this is that once you deliver your band size reduces and so you can tighten the hooks as and when required.

– Buy a bra that is made in Spandex so that it accommodates the size shifts based on the milk supply in your breasts.

– Check for the regular ill fitted signs such as riding up in the back, digging straps etc… so that you don’t land up buying the wrongly fitted one.

– Make sure the shoulder straps are wide and sturdy as they have to extra provide support to your bust.

– Buy bras with shoulder straps that do not slip.

– Make sure that there is enough room to slip in nursing pads for leakage.

– Never use nursing bras with cups to tight as it might block your ducts or allow mastitis to set in.

– See to it that the cups clasp and unclasp easily with one hand

– The center should provide support even when the flaps are open.

4. Question : How many bras should I buy?

how many shld i buy

Answer : You can start off with 3 bras.

It is ideal if you buy several maternity bras during the term of your pregnancy or nursing period as the size may keep increasing or decreasing based on your body.

You can even make do with bra extenders that expand the band size of your bra, provided your cup size remains the same.

5. Question : Can you give me quick tips to consider when buying a nursing bra?

Answer : Here are few fitting tips :

– Straps should be wide and lie flat on your back .

– Cups should be free enough to fit a breast pad.

– Cups should be smooth and give ample support.

– Closure must come with at least 4-6 hooks to permit adjustment.

– Buy separate night time nursing bras to accommodate large breasts at night.

6. Question : What is the difference between a nursing bra and a maternity bra?

Answer :  Both the bras are almost the same, with the sole difference being the clasps in the front to allow easy access to the nipples to feed being present in a nursing bra.