Some women are naturally blessed with breasts that seem perky, youthful and healthy. There are a lot of misconceptions as to why a pair of woman’s breasts hangs down or upright. Of course factors such as age and hereditary genes have a role to play in the aging process of the breasts. As much as you can try to remain young and perky forever, you can’t. But you can slow down the process.

Here are a few doe’s and doesn’t with regard to maintain the perkiness and youthfulness of your bosom. And yes these guidelines are great for general good health as well :

1. Do not smoke

Don't smokeAs everyone knows tobacco kills. Not only does it kill the oxygen in the body but it also reduces the blood flow to the skin. So by smoking you land up damaging your skin collagen that ruins the elasticity of your skin which in turn leads to premature wrinkling and sagging of your breasts.

2. Limit your alcohol intake

Alcohol consumption dries out the skin and when the skin becomes dry, it becomes prone to developing wrinkles and sagging. Cut the consumption of alcohol for a perky and youthful bosom that has a healthy sheen to it.

3. Do not go on crash diets

Crash diets usually result in sudden loss of weight that does not allow your skin to cope with it. When you suddenly loose or gain weight you land up breaking down the elasticity of your skin, due to which your skin looks less firm.

4. Exercise




Physical well being is essential for the overall health of your body. Apart from the regular cardio, you can add weights to make the muscles in your chest firm and supple.


5. Use sunscreen

UV rays can damage the elasticity of the skin. The delicate areas of skin that include the breasts are thinner due to which you can land up with more creases. Always slather on sunscreen before heading out, as once the damage is done, it can’t be reversed.

6. Eat healthy

Eat healthy

My mother’s all time advice goes like this, ‘What you eat shows on your skin’. And the fact is that when you eat wholesome fresh produce, it does show in your skin. Greasy food can cause breakouts and leave skin looking dull.

7. Watch your posture

Watch your posture



Posture makes a huge difference in the way you carry yourself. If you droop your shoulders you land up making your breasts look low and heavier. Always stand straight.


8. Select the right intimates

Bras won’t stop your bust from sagging but the right bra can hold it in place and ensure it does not hinder your movement, posture or the way clothes fit you.

9. Accept reality

Love your body for what it is. If the damage has already been done, there is nothing much you can do.

10. Avoid comparisons

Avoid comparisonsNo woman has the same body.Everyone is made differently. Your breast size, shape and personality are unique, so never compare your body with anyone else and expect same.


Give a shot to these tips and see if they make a difference to your bust. And remember to start early if you expect to see results in the future.